Principal's Corner

The month of October is filled with fun activities and learning opportunities for our students. Expectations are still high for  all stakeholders. We encourage everyone to continue to work to   enhance teaching and learning at ESE. One area in which we   are working intensively to improve is students’ reading abilities.

By providing students with strategies to improve their reading such   as building phonemic awareness, decoding words,   expanding   vocabulary, and increasing fluency we will create   stronger readers. A second focus is teaching students how to cope   with issues that affect our society such as bullying, illegal drugs,   and sickness. Students will receive helpful tips and information that will positively influence their decision making. It is our mission to  provide all students with an equitable education in a safe and positive environment.  


Sawanda Washington, Principal 

East Sunflower Elementary

Sunflower County Consolidated School District


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Sawanda Washngton, Principal