Counselor's Page

Greetings from the East Sunflower Elementary School’s Guidance Office! I am Dr. Nearline Anderson and I consider it an honor to work at ESE, the home of the Panthers! But more symbolically I prefer the emblem of the sunflower. Did you know that sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity? They are well known for turning their bold yellow faces toward the direction of the sun as it moves across the sky! They are representative of our school – East Sunflower Elementary! Looking toward the east always awaiting the energy from the largest star in the universe – the Sun! 

As ESE School Counselor I strive to fulfill my counseling requirements/duties first as a SCCSD team player, then as the American School Counselors Association puts forth: 

·        Hold a Master’s degree or higher in school counseling or related field

·        Hold a state license or certification to practice in the counseling profession

·        Passing required exams for certification

·   Complete numerous hours of supervised practice in the field, preferably in the school setting  

According to the American School Counselor Association, elementary school counselors provide:

·        Academic support

·        Behavior support

·        Help students begin the career exploration process

·        Educate students about self-awareness and self-esteem

·        Teach problem-solving and conflict resolution skills

·        Crisis intervention; and

·        Provide individual and small group counseling services and make referrals to outside services. 

As a School Counselor, I seek to work with East Sunflower’s School Leadership Team to provide support to our stakeholders, support parents or consult with external parties, such as child protective services or other social services agencies. Occasionally, due to the needs of ESE’s students, staff and parents I may rearrange my schedule to meet those changing needs.  

My Professional Educational qualifications include:

·        Undergraduate degree from Mississippi Valley State University (K-8 grade teacher)

·        Graduate degree from Delta State University (K-12 Guidance Counselor)

·        Additional professional endorsements (non-practicing) in the area of school administration, church office administration as well as faith-based leadership.  

As a ministry leader and team player at my local church, I earned a PhD in Biblical Counseling to enrich my capacity to provide support to my church, and local communities by offering counseling to enhance the quality of life for those who seek to do so!  

As ESE School Counselor I want you to remember when you’re feeling a little down, keep the SUNFLOWER in your mind because she keeps her head to the sky!

N. Anderson